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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New RI Legislative Committee Members

These are the people to write urging support of the LWVRI agenda. See the database in the previous blog to find out which bill is in which committee.   Titles of bills are often incomplete or misleading, so read them before endorsing or opposing them. Click original size on the bar at the bottom of each document (it appears when you click on the document) to make it readable.

To read these images of our database of current bills in the RI legislature of interest to the League, click on them and choose "original size."  Please read text at end of images. 

Above are images of  our updated database (as of April 22) of  bills introduced so far that are of interest to the league. 

Most bills should have been submitted by now to the 2014 legislature.  To date, none of interest to the LWVRI has gone farther than a first committee hearing. Since the committee chairs determine what bills will proceed further, it is very important League Members write, call or email their legislators who are on the committee handling the bill, to urge support for the bills they and the League favor.  This is the most important thing YOU can do to support the League advocacy agenda this year.  When you communicate with your legislator be sure to identify yourself as her or his constituent as well as a League member.

League Priorities this year include:

Restoring the jurisdiction of the Ethics Committee over the Legislature, and open meetings and records.

Supporting elimination of voting for all a party's candidates by making one mark on a ballot (master lever), early voting, improved voting machines that provide a paper copy of ballots to aid in recounts if necessary, elimination of voter id, etc.

Supporting merit selection for judges

Counting prisoners as living in their home districts, not in the prison, in order to avoid skewing the census counts used for redistricting and federal funding.

Promoting gun safety

Promoting reproductive justice

Promoting a sustainable, safe environment

Protecting civil liberties

Promoting education as a right of RI citizens, and promoting  public education funding that provides equality of opportunity through a system of taxation that is sufficient equitable, flexible, and coordinated among the different levels of government.

Above are images of  our updated database (as of April 22) of  bills introduced so far that are of interest to the league.